Napoli Centrale Pizza Bar is a tribute to both Naples and vera pizza (true pizza)


About us

Napoli Centrale Pizza Bar follows the traditional artisan techniques used in Naples, birth place of pizza.

We use Neapolitan flour to make our dough, which is kneaded by hand on a marble surface. We use San Marzano tomatoes grown  near Mount Vesuvius to make our sugo, or tomato sauce, for the pizza base.

Baked for a few minutes in our wood-fired oven, our pizza has a bubbly, aerated crust, very thin base and a handful of toppings. This means you can savour a whole pizza without feeling like you’ve over-indulged.

You won’t see pineapple or chicken on our menu because they’re not on the menu in Naples, either.

We love Naples, we love authentic pizza and we love sharing our Neapolitan pizza love with Newcastle. 

Where it all starts

We’ve got quite a crush on our oven. Built by hand in Naples, we shipped it to Newcastle and it took a fork-lift, many men and many hours to get it off the truck, into the restaurant and in pole position. We keep it firing with locally-sourced, slow-burning iron bark, which lends a delicious smokiness to the pizza flavour.

Our oven reaches temperatures of up to 500 degrees Celsius, which means it takes only a minute or two to bake your pizza. If you have the time, though, wander over to the bar and watch our pizzaioli make and bake our pizzas because, well, that’s amore. 

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We are open Monday to Thursday 5pm – 10pm
and Friday to Sunday 11am – 10pm

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